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How Many Times The Baby Should Take Milk A Day

In order for mothers to secrete enough milk as soon as possible to supply the baby's needs, efforts should be made to allow the baby to suck more than 8 times on the first day; the determined breastfeeding time is not important. Generally speaking, the normal breastfeeding time varies greatly. It usually lasts more than 10 minutes each time. But if it is too long (more than half an hour) or too short (less than 4 minutes), it may mean that there are some problems. But in the first few days or for a low birth weight infant, it is normal to breastfeed for a longer period of time. For a mother with little milk, it is important to ensure that the baby's effective sucking time on the breast within 24 hours cannot be less than 140 minutes.

On the first day after birth, the baby’s stomach volume is about 5-7ml, which is equivalent to the size of a glass pinball; on the third day, the baby’s stomach volume is about 22-27ml, which is equivalent to the size of a large glass ball; on the fifth day, the baby’s stomach volume is about 22-27ml. About 43-57ml. Equivalent to the size of a table tennis ball. Frequent feeding can ensure that the baby gets the amount of breast milk that he needs, while also ensuring that the amount of milk produced can meet the baby's needs. The most important reason why the baby sucks frequently on the first day is to stimulate the mother to breastfeed as soon as possible through the baby's sucking, because “the baby is the best lactator”.