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How To Buy Furniture And Supplies For Your Baby


When preparing supplies for the baby that is about to be born, expectant parents face a dazzling array of baby supplies and often find it difficult to resist the temptation, so they often buy unnecessary things, which is very wasteful. What is the necessary thing for baby? A list of essential products is provided below for reference only:

  • Crib: Please refer to "How to Buy Crib" for specific requirements.
  • Cradle: non-essential items. In general, the usingtime is short.
  • Bedding used on the bed: mattress and 2 sets of change sheets. Babies under 2 years old are generally not recommended to use pillows. If you have a pillow, the height of the pillow should not exceed 1cm. Do not put cushions, blankets, plush toys and other soft objects on the bed.
  • Bath supplies: bathtub, thermometer.
  • Stroller: It is recommended that the quality of the stroller be better, because the stroller is a must-have item for your baby to go out before the age of 3.The baby will not sit before 6 months, so be sure to choose a stroller that the baby can lie down. When choosing a stroller, make sure that there are not many small detachable parts in the stroller, and do not hang or place any decorations directly above the baby when he is lying flat, because the stroller is moving or the baby is out of curiosity. When pulling these objects, it will bring uncertain danger to the baby. In addition, after the baby is 6 months old, some parents will buy a lightweight stroller for outdoor use. It is recommended to buy a stroller with a seat belt, especially a stroller with adjustable tilt.
  • Optional items: 2 small basins with a diameter of 15cm-20cm (for the baby's face and ass); several packs of baby wet wipes, several packs of diapers.https://www.babedear.com