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How To Choose A Crib

When the baby sleeps in the bed, it is usually unaccompanied. So the crib must be safe. When using a crib, the most common accident is falling from the bed. When the mattress is raised and the side rails of the bed are loosened, the baby can easily fall from it. Parents-to-be have several key points to note before buying a crib:

  • The gap between the bed rails must be less than 6cmto prevent the baby's head from getting stuck when sticking out of the bed rails. In addition, the bed rail must be at least 11cm above the mattress. When the baby is in the crib, the surrounding bed rails must be erected, closed and clamped tightly.
  • The partitions at the head and foot of the bed should not have hollow designs or other carvings to prevent scratching the baby.
  • If the four corners of the bed have complicated decorations or corner posts, they must be removed to keep the corners of the bed smooth, otherwise clothes or other soft objects will be easily hung on, which will bring the baby a risk of suffocation.

In addition, for newly purchased mattresses, please remove all the plastic covering the mattress, because once the plastic package is damaged, it will cause the baby to suffocate danger, and the mattress must be strong and hard.

The size of the mattress must be suitable for the size of the bed. If the edge of the mattress has a distance of more than two fingers, consider replacing the mattress to prevent the baby from slipping into the gap between the bed and the mattress.


Important hint:

Once the baby can sit, lower the height of the mattress to ensure that the baby will not fall out of the bed while sitting, and increase the height of the mattress before the baby learns to stand (usually when the baby is 6-9 months old) Adjust to the lowest point. The most common time for babies to fall is when they are learning to crawl. When the baby grows to about 90cm, or when the height of the bed fence is lower than the level of his nipple, he should consider changing the bed.

During use, check the crib regularly, such as whether the parts are strong, whether the material is smooth, whether there are cracks and wood thorns, etc.

Pay attention to the use of the bed circumference. If the bed circumference is selected, it must be fixed with at least 6 straps, and the length of the straps cannot exceed 15cm, to prevent the straps and the bed surrounding the baby from strangling the baby and causing the baby to suffocate; if the baby can use external force When standing up, it is recommended to remove the bed circumference; do not use pillows or soft bedding instead of the bed circumference.

It is important to note that for convenience, some caregivers often put some of the baby’s daily necessities, such as baby diapers and small towels, on the baby’s crib, thinking that the baby will not turn over, it’s okay, in fact, this is very dangerous , It is likely to cause the baby to suffocate.https://www.babedear.com