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How To Choose Diapers And Prevent Diaper Rash?

There are many kinds of diapers on the market, such as traditional cloth diapers, modern cloth diapers and diapers for parents to choose from. Parents can choose according to the baby's size, figure age, diaper texture, personal preference, environmental protection, water absorption capacity, breathability and other criteria.

You can change your baby's diaper before feeding or after he is awake, and change the diaper in time after every bowel movement to avoid diaper rash.


Ways to prevent diaper rash in babies:

(1) Keep the local area clean and dry: The stimulation of urine and feces, combined with the humid environment is the main cause of baby diaper rash, so it is very important to keep the area around the buttocks clean and dry. The things that parents need to pay attention to include: timely replacement of diapers soaked by urine and urine, so as not to irritate the skin for a long time. Clean the perianal area thoroughly after each bowel movement, and rinse the buttocks with clean water if necessary. If you use traditional cloth diapers, be sure to change them in time. If you use disposable diapers, pay attention to the appropriate tightness.

(2) Reduce local adverse irritation: If you choose traditional cloth diapers, it is recommended to choose soft cotton cloth. Be sure to rinse thoroughly when washing. Try to choose neutral or weak acid detergents for children. If you must use alkaline detergents such as washing powder or soap to wash diapers, you should rinse them thoroughly. When the baby’s buttocks have skin lesions, be sure to avoid rubbing the skin forcefully, and use a soft towel to gently damp it dry after thorough cleaning.

(3) Appropriate use of isolation skin care products: if the baby's skin is more sensitive

If you feel or are prone to diaper rash, you can use a diaper cream containing zinc oxide and petroleum jelly as a base to form a thin barrier between the baby's skin, urine and feces, reducing urine and feces It can prevent and relieve diaper rash by irritation to the skin. Especially when the baby has a lot of bowel movements or has redness in the buttocks, use diaper cream to

Prevent and relieve diaper rash.

(4) If diaper rash is very serious that may have fungal infection at the same time, so you should seek medical treatment in time.https://www.babedear.com