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How To Dress And Undress Your Baby


Dress and undress the newborn baby with gentle movements to avoid harm to the baby. When crying is obvious, stop the operation first, and then calm down. Wait for him (her) to be quiet before proceeding. The specific operation is as follows;

First, close the doors and windows to prevent convective wind. The room temperature is maintained at 24-26 degrees Celsius. According to the baby's length and weight, prepare comfortable clothes. When dressing the newborn baby, you can put a bath towel under the baby, spread the clean underwear and lay it aside; put the baby on the clothes, pay attention to the position of the baby’s arms and sleeves; in order to let the baby Your hand can easily enter the sleeves. You can roll the sleeves into a circle, then put the baby's arm into the sleeve, and then use the other hand to reach in from the sleeve of the sleeve to gently grasp the baby's fist, and bring his arm around Come over and straighten the clothes again. Be careful not to dress your baby too thick or too much, otherwise it will hinder your baby's activities.https://www.babedear.com