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How To Hold A Newborn Baby


The baby is gestated in the mother's body with warm uterus and amniotic fluid, which is a very comfortable state. When the baby comes to the novice parents, most of the time the parents are inexperienced and nervous. When holding the baby, the baby is uncomfortable and the parents are also very tired.

Here are several postures for holding the baby:

Hand support: Use your left hand to support your baby's back, neck, and head, and your right hand to support his small buttocks and waist. This method is more used to pick up and put down the baby from the bed.

Wrist holding method: put the baby's head in the left arm, the elbow protects the baby's head, the left wrist and left hand protects the back and waist, the right forearm extends from the baby over the baby's leg, and the right hand supports the baby Butt and waist. This method is a more commonly used posture.

Note: The muscles and bones of babies from 1-2 months have not yet developed well. The head of a newborn baby occupies 1/4 of the total body length. When holding the baby upright, the weight of the baby's head rests on the cervical spine. Try not to hold the baby upright. Hugging horizontally in your arms, you must grasp two centers of gravity. One hand must support the head and neck, and the other hand must support the hips and waist, so that the baby's head, neck, and shoulders appear in a straight line. , So the baby is safe.https://www.babedear.com