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How To Know If The Baby Is Full

On days 4-6, mothers still need to breastfeed as needed, but it should be noted that at least one breast should be emptied each time, and both sides should be alternately breastfeeding to keep synchronized rest. The amount of milk basically reaches the balance of supply and demand. The stages of regular life.


If the baby does not eat enough, sleep and health will be affected, and the increase in weight and height is often not satisfactory. Therefore, mothers should try to keep the baby full every time. Whether the baby is full can be observed from the following three aspects:

  1. Observe the baby's performance when feeding: When the baby is feeding, he will swallow once after sucking 2~3 mouthfuls. After breastfeeding, the breast becomes soft and most babies will be full.
  2. Observe the baby's mental state: If the baby is full, he will show a satisfied and happy look, and sometimes smile unconsciously, and sleep for 3 to 4 hours each time. If the baby wakes up for 1-2 hours every time he sleeps, and he often cries, it is likely that he has not eaten enough
  3. Observe the baby's physiological state: If the baby is full, he will have a bowel movement 3 to 4 times a day, and the color is golden yellow (the baby who is fed with milk powder has a light yellow stool), and some babies have fewer stools, but as long as the color is normal That's it. If the baby is not full, the stool will be green (this is not the case of meconium), and the amount and frequency of urination are small (under normal circumstances, the number of urinations on the 4th day is at least 4 times). In addition, weighing the baby is also an objective indicator to judge whether the baby is adequately fed. 4-6 days after the baby is born, most of the baby's weight will decrease physiologically (about 10%). https://www.babedear.com