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How to Prepare Clothes And Bedding Suitable For Your Baby


Pregnancy is a period full of expectation and excitement, and requires a lot of preparation work. For most parents, especially expectant mothers and fathers who are preparing to be parents for the first time, they are both full of anxiety and expectation and excitement. They are looking forward to having a healthy and smart baby, and at the same time doing all kinds of things for his(her) arrival. However, parents occasionally still worry about some problems at preparation work.

At this time, we not only work hard for health every day, such as ensuring adequate nutrition, proper exercise, and regular pregnancy check-ups; but also correctly facing and even coping with various discomforts or changes brought about by pregnancy, such as weight gain, frequent urination, and fatigue , Lower extremity edema, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc. At the same time, I am also very anxious about the problems that may occur during the delivery process, such as the method of delivery and the place of delivery. What should I do if the baby has unexpected conditions (such as premature birth)?

In order to welcome the arrival of the newborn baby, it is necessary to prepare some suitable clothes and bedding for the arrival of the baby in advance. According to the experience recommendations of the mothers, you can refer to the recommended list as follows:

  • 6-8 pieces of baby tops, 2-3 pieces of pants, 3-4 sets of one-piece suits;
  • 2 single quilts, 2 double quilts, 2 thick quilts (when you arrive at the hospital for delivery, you can bring them to the hospital depending on the season, you don’t need to bring them all);
  • 2 newborn sleeping bags (1 thin style, 1 sandwich style, optional, not necessary)
  • 3 pairs of baby socks;
  • 1 sets of baby towels and bath towels;
  • Several small towels.

Important hint:

It is best to choose cotton for baby products, and try to choose a larger size, but be careful not to buy clothes with tight collars and sleeves. It is strictly forbidden to use camphor balls (natural or synthetic ones can not be touched) to prevent moths in newborn clothes.

In addition, do not wear shoes for newborns. Wearing shoes too early will affect the development of the baby's feet. Wearing socks and jumpsuits for a long time may also affect the development of the baby's feet. https://www.babedear.com