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How To Wake Up A Sleeping Baby

Timing of awakening:

It is found that the baby's light sleep stage, such as closed eyes, but you can see that the eyes are moving quickly, and the small hands and lips are slightly moving.

Ways to wake up:

Let the indoor light be as soft as possible, talk to the baby gently, loosen or remove the blanket that wraps the baby, gently pat the baby's back or gently massage the back, gently hold the baby's arms and legs with the palm, pat the little hands and feet, and use The warm finger pads gently stroke the baby's forehead, cheeks and lips.

Breastfeeding awakening:

Pick up the baby gently and squeeze the milk onto the baby’s lips. When the baby is sucking, gently stroke his/her hair; when the sucking speed is slow, try to change to the other breast for breastfeeding.