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Preparation Before Delivery

The expectation of ten months is about to wait until the moment the baby is born. Before the baby is born, for the safety of mother and baby, expectant parents should make the following preparations:
  • Prepare a bag of key items. In case of emergency, carry the bag and leave. This package should include items that are essential before labor pains and during hospitalization after delivery, such as dry and wet tissues, clothes for mother and baby, sanitary napkins, and contact information for relatives. Baby's towels, blankets, diapers, clothes to wear when discharged from the hospital, etc.
  • The fastest way to reach the maternity checkup hospital and the process of medical treatment must be familiar; the location of the emergency room, the delivery room, the exact location of the maternity ward, the person accompanying the delivery must personally go through it carefully in advance, so as to avoid delays due to excessive panic during delivery Time, the ambulance phone must be kept in mind for use in emergency situatio  https://www.babedear.com
  • Know under what circumstances you must go to the hospital immediately.
  1. Regular uterine contractions

              If there are at least 2 contractions in 10 minutes, the intensity is enough to cause the feeling of abdominal distension or backache, and each contraction lasts for at least half a minute. The development trend is that the intensity increases, the duration becomes longer, and the interval gradually decreases. Frequent and strong uterine contractions can affect pregnant women to fall asleep. Regular uterine contractions are also called constrictions. They are a sign of the beginning of labor and are usually called labor. At this time, regardless of whether you have seen red or broken water, you should prepare to be hospitalized.

          2. Amniotic fluid broken

                Sudden discharge of a large amount of vaginal fluid or a small amount of continuous discharge of urine-like fluid may be broken water. After the water breaks, the uterine cavity is connected to the outside world, which increases the chance of ascending infection; when the head is floating or the fetal position is not correct, it also increases the risk of umbilical cord prolapse. Therefore, regardless of whether there is uterine contraction, you should consult a doctor in time; on the way to the hospital, try to take a lying position to reduce the risk of umbilical cord prolapse, and disinfect perineal pads should be used in the perineum to prevent infection.https://www.babedear.com