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The Amazing Ability Of A Newborn Baby

After the baby is born, there are many amazing abilities.


  • First cry. Instinctive crying is accompanied by lung expansion and spontaneous breathing is established.
  • Relax. After the crying ceases, the mother and baby's skin touches, and the baby is covered with a warm and dry blanket.
  • Wide awake. After about 3 minutes, the baby is gradually awake with a small amount of head and shoulder movement.
  • Active. After 8 minutes, there will be more head and shoulder movements: sucking action in the mouth, foraging reflex; eyes open, looking at breasts, saliva in the mouth, shaking the head left and right, rubbing the mother’s chest with the cheeks, and placing the hands on In the mouth, then rub the hands to stimulate the mother's breasts, put the food back into the mouth, stick out the tongue, lick the mother, and massage the mother's breasts with one or two hands.
  • Rest. In the first hour after birth, the baby may have a moment of rest at any time.
  • Crawl. About 35 minutes after birth, the baby will work hard to lift the upper body, appearing similar active movements, and the body will jump to find the breast.
  • Perceive. About 45 minutes after birth, the baby will lick the nipple and touch the breast.
  • Suck. Half an hour after birth, the baby puts on the nipple and starts to suck (it is of great significance to make breast milk the baby's first milk). If the mother is in labor pains, sucking may be delayed.
  • Fall asleep. The baby enters the deep sleep stage about 1.5 hours to 2 hours after birth.https://www.babedear.com