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Tips For Coping With Baby Crying


Within a few months after the baby is born, the best way to solve his crying problem is to respond quickly. If you respond in time, your baby will not cry for that long. When responding to a baby's cry, the most urgent needs should be addressed first. If he is cold and hungry, and his diaper is soaked, he should be kept warm first, then the diaper should be changed, and then breast-feeding. If the crying sounds a bit sharp or frightening, consider that there may be clothes or other things that make him feel uncomfortable---maybe there is hair entangled in his fingers or toes. If the baby is not cold, the diaper is dry, and the stomach is not hungry, but still crying constantly, try the following comforting methods and find out the baby's favorite one.

  • Pick up the baby, comfort, kangaroo care, make the baby feel safe.
  • Gently stroke your baby's head or pat his back and chest.
  • Wrap him comfortably in a baby blanket.
  • Sing or talk to him(her).
  • Play soft music.
  • Hold him(her) around.
  • Make a rhythmic sound.
  • Burp him(her) and help him(her) expel his stomach.
  • Take a shower.
If none of this works, sometimes the best solution is to leave the baby alone for a while. Many babies can't fall asleep without crying, and letting them cry for a while can actually fall asleep faster. If the baby really wants to sleep because of fatigue, crying usually does not last long. If the baby cannot calm down no matter what he does, then he may be sick. Take his temperature, if the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius or higher, he should seek medical attention immediately.
The more relaxed the caregiver is, the easier it is for the baby to coax. If you feel you cannot control the situation, you should ask other family members or friends for help. Sometimes it's easier to calm him down with a new face. Remember, never shake your baby vigorously. Vigorous shaking can cause blindness, brain damage, and even death. Be sure to pass this information to everyone who cares for your baby.
In addition, don't be psychologically burdened by your baby's crying. Crying baby is one of the ways to adapt to the external environment. No mother can guarantee that she can coax her crying baby every time. So don't be too demanding of yourself. Try to solve the problem in a realistic and feasible way, and seek some help from others. Take a good rest, and then enjoy the beautiful moments with your baby.https://www.babedear.com