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What If Mother Doesn’t Have Enough Milk?

Many mothers who have just given birth to their babies feel that they have no or little milk, but in fact, the baby needs very little during this period. The stomach volume of newborn babies is only 5~7ml. With the increase of day age, the stomach volume gradually increases. At this time, frequent and effective sucking of newborns is the best and most effective stimulus to breasts and nipples, and can increase milk secretion.


  1. After the baby is born, let the baby make skin contact on the mother's chest as soon as possible, and try to let him find and suck the nipple by himself. On-demand breastfeeding, frequent and effective sucking can effectively increase lactation. Do not less than 8 times every 24 hours.
  2. At 3 to 5 days after birth, the mother will feel breast swelling, but the milk volume has not increased. This is the physiological period of breast swelling. Do not massage or squeeze your breasts too hard at this time. Inappropriate massage will cause breast injuries, and serious injuries will affect breastfeeding. The baby's frequent and powerful sucking is the best way to help mothers solve physiological breast swelling.
  3. Unless there are obvious signs of dehydration or low blood sugar, do not add formula milk powder and sugar water to your baby. Adding formula milk powder and sugar water will greatly affect the time and frequency of the baby's nipple sucking. Sufficient sucking can promote milk secretion.
  4. "Breast feeding" is a natural and healthy way of breastfeeding, allowing the baby's mouth to directly stimulate the nipple. Pro-feeding has a better stimulating effect on the breast milk than any breast pump, so the mother's milk will be more abundant.
  5. Relax, strengthen your beliefs, and believe that breastfeeding is an innate instinct. Excessive anxiety and worry will reduce breastfeeding.
  6. At this time, the new mother needs the support and encouragement of the family. Don't blame or blame the mother for not having much milk because the baby is crying. Breast milk is the best food for babies. Encouraging comfort and helping new mothers to breastfeed is the best care for newborns and mothers.https://www.babedear.com