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Why Child Safety Seats Is Necessary?

The correct selection and use of safety seats is considered to be one of the most effective ways to prevent accidental injuries to children caused by traffic accidents. Safety protection measures in motor vehicles, such as seat belts and airbags, are designed for adults and are not suitable for infants and children.

The minimum height of the seat belt is 140cm. The shoulder strap of the seat belt is located on the collarbone and front chest, but relative to the short child, it is just pressed on the neck (the position of the carotid artery and trachea). When an accident occurs, the seat belt Not only can it not protect children, but it is easy to compress the trachea, causing suffocation; compressing the carotid artery, causing cerebral ischemia, and even causing cuts to the carotid artery, which endangers life.

Putting infants or children in the passenger seat or holding them in the car is also dangerous. When a child sits in the passenger seat, in an emergency, when the airbag is opened, it will impact the child’s head and cause fatal injury; if the baby is held in the arms of an adult and the emergency brakes, once the baby loses control, the baby will even be affected by the adult The squeeze caused double damage.

Using a safety seat can reduce the impact on the baby and restrict the baby's body movement in the case of a sudden collision or a sudden deceleration of the car, thereby reducing the damage to them.


What to pay attention to when using safety seats

Be sure to choose a suitable safety seat.

  • Choose child safety seats that comply with national safety standards and pass the CCC certification mark.
  • Choose a seat for the weight and age of the baby/child. The child safety seat will be marked with the weight and age of the child, and the weight is the main reference basis.
  • Pay attention to the way the seat is fixed. The installation methods of child safety seats are mainly divided into seat belt binding installation and ISOFIX interface installation. The seat belt binding seat is suitable for all kinds of vehicles, and the ISOFIX interface-mounted seat can only be installed on the vehicle equipped with the interface. When purchasing a seat, you can choose the corresponding fixed seat according to whether the vehicle is equipped with an interface.
  • The choice of comfort should mainly consider whether the fabric is breathable, whether the accessories are smooth, whether the safety buckle is firm, etc.

Types of child safety seats


Do I need to prepare a baby carrier?

The infant carrier is part of the portable child safety seat system, which also includes a car seat base and a stroller seat base. Generally used for babies under 6 months. From a security point of view, it is necessary. It can be combined with family living habits. If babies within 6 months of age have fewer chances to go out in a car, and the use rate of baby carriages is not high, the specific preparations can be determined according to their own circumstances.

What are the precautions for using safety seats

  • Seats without ISOFIX should be installed and fixed with car seat belts.
  • Do not let the bayonet be in a semi-locked state, and in an emergency, you should be able to quickly lift the baby out.
  • Do not install child safety seats on the front seats of cars with airbags.
  • Ensure that the tightness of the safety belt of the child safety seat and the position of the cushion fully comply with the requirements of the instructions.
  • The car seat belt that passes through the child safety seat must be kept tight.
  • Please do not put objects on the back seat, otherwise these objects may harm children during emergency braking.
  • If your child safety seat is damaged in an accident, you must replace it with a new one.
  • Do not modify or add parts to the seat, otherwise its safety and function may be seriously affected.
  • Do not let the seat come into contact with corrosive substances.
  • Try to give more time for the reverse installation.https://www.babedear.com