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Why Does The Baby Cry?

Crying has multiple uses for the baby. When feeling hungry or unwell, the baby will cry for help. Crying can help your baby relieve excessive visual, sound and other sensory stimulation, and can also help him decompress.

Babies have some irritability stages every day, neither because they are hungry, nor because they are unwell or tired. No matter what you do during this period, you can't calm him down. But after the irritability phase, the baby may look more energetic, and soon afterwards, he will fall asleep deeper than usual. This crying phenomenon seems to help the baby consume excess energy and restore them to a comfortable state.


By carefully understanding the different crying sounds of your baby, you can tell when he wants someone to hug him, when he wants someone to coax him, when he needs to be taken care of, when it is best to ignore him, and so on. Various special needs can be judged from his crying way. For example, when a baby is hungry, the cry is usually short and deep, the voice is high and low; when angry, the cry is more intense; when it is painful or uncomfortable, it will cry suddenly, and the voice is very sharp. First, there was a long scream, then a long pause, and then a gentle scream; the cry of "Don't pay attention to me" is usually very similar to the cry of hunger.

Sometimes several different types of crying overlap each other. For example, babies often feel hungry when they wake up, so they cry for food. If there is no quick response, the baby's hungry cry may turn into an angry howl-the change in crying can be heard at this time. As the baby grows up, his cry becomes stronger, louder, lasts longer, and there will be more changes to express different needs and ideas.https://www.babedear.com