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What To Do With Novice Father?

As soon as your baby is born, you will be upgraded to "Baby Dad". After the baby is born, the novice mother who has just experienced childbirth has to face things that she has never experienced every day. If father does nothing, mother is hard and may be unbearable. Baby's mother has just experienced childbirth, contraction pain, perineal wound pain, some mothers may also have feeding problems, coupled with changes in the level of physiological hormones, postpartum depression mood or state may occur, at this time, mother needs psychological support and specific assistance specially.


When mother doesn't know what to do, father could say "Don't worry, let's get up and face it."

If the mother cannot touch the baby due to caesarean section or physical exhaustion, father could come and make early skin touch with the baby.https://www.babedear.com